We are the University of Colorado Solar Decathlon Team competing in the U.S. Department of  Energy’s 2023 Solar Decathlon Competition. Our student group consists of about 25 graduate and undergraduate students in Engineering and Environmental Design,.

We are a motivated group of students eager to learn and make a positive impact in our Community!

Our mission is to  raise awareness in our community about a cleaner and more sustainable way to build. We aim to teach the next generation of building professionals entering the workforce. 


Over the next two years we will design and build a net-zero energy home in our local community. We have partnered with Flatirons Habitat for Humanity and the city of Boulder Housing and Human Services department to build a highly efficient and resilient home for an affordable housing community in north Boulder. Our design focuses on decreasing the overall carbon footprint by reducing the operational energy, implementing new technologies, and focusing on sustainable materials. We intend to demonstrate that building green can also be affordable for the broader Denver-metro area.